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I met Jill a little over a year and a half ago. When I found out that Jill can communicate with animals, I thought it was worth a try to have her read my then 3 year old tabby, Milo, as he didn’t like to purr and was just acting weird.

After our first session, she opened my eyes to the gift she has with animals and her reading helped me with Milo’s issues. I had Jill back into our home almost a year ago when we brought home a puppy and Milo started acting up again. She was able to communicate with both our puppy and cat to determine what was going on between the two of them. She even picked up on a past life connection that I have with our puppy (which was one of the factors of me bringing the puppy home). She was able to offer insight for both animals with the guidance of their spiritual guides and was able to answer all my questions regarding the two animals.

In recent weeks, I started having more behavioral issues with Milo and my first thought was to book another session with Jill to gain more insight as to what was going on. After my over the phone session with her today – I am more blown away than ever! Not only was she able to pick up on the previous health issues that my cat faced back in January 2020 (which was treated by a vet), but she was able to pick up on a few other issues that were happening around our house that Milo needed to tell me. Through our session today, she was accurate on some many things that my jaw hit the floor. With her insight again, I have been able to pinpoint what is going on with Milo and how to ensure that he is his healthy happy self going forward.

I know that Jill will be my forever-go-to when I have something happening with my fur babies that needs further exploration. Jill is completely amazing with the gift she has and is worth every minute of the session.

Laura G.

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