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Animal Communication
Animal Communication
Animal Communicator

What Is It?

Animal Communication is a form of intuitive communication that can happen between species naturally.

Humans frequently verbalize with each other, but feeling another person’s unspoken words can happen naturally for many of us. However, it’s rare that we acknowledge this as a form of communication.

Animal Communication is about receiving the unspoken words our ears don’t hear.

How Does It Work?

Intuitive communication can happen when a person first becomes calm within. Then, with intention to connect, and permission from the animal, one can connect energetically.

I prefer using my heart space for this.

Humans’ intuition can understand animals through their “clair” senses, with images, words, feelings, smells, gut knowing, etc., energetically dancing back and forth between human and animal conversing during the connection.

It’s similar to when you know how a friend is doing – before they say any words. If you’ve ever had a gut feeling turn out to be true later on, or you “just knew” something ending up being correct.

Sometimes people really do “pick up” what their animal is metaphorically laying down, without realizing their intuition may have understood their pet friend.


Any Animal. Any size.




Many animals already communicate intuitively with each other.

It’s humans who’ve forgotten this skill, become afraid, or are too busy to intuitively communicate with our animal friends.

Setting time aside to come to one’s own heart space will help people listen to themselves, and ultimately the living world around them much better.

Why Have An Animal Communication Session?


  • Health concerns (Vet still mandatory)
  • Behavior issues
  • Crossing over/euthanasia
  • Vacation, kenneling, moves, etc.
  • New pet arrivals
  • Genuine interest – Any question!
  • Gut feeling animal needs to be heard


  • Lessen stress (vet, moves, etc.,)
  • Answer questions
  • Healing for human/animal
  • Peace of mind
  • Deepen friendship bond
  • Development of your own intuition
  • Respect between species
  • Receive guidance from Spirit
Animal Communication
Animal Communication
Animal Communicator

Intuition is void of distance barriers; we can understand things no matter how far apart we are.

In person, or tele sessions available!


During an animal communication session, I first ask certain Archangels and Ascended Masters, plus the Higher-Self of the animal to be present in the highest good of all concerned. Then I tune into the animal, relaying messages between pet friend and person.

At times, there are blockages between the animal and client. I then, with permission, pass on guidance from Spirit offering help with the situation.


Reiki and/or Angel healing energy can be given to your pet friend, provided they want to receive such energy.

Due to Free Will, I can not make any guarantees for health or behavior changes. However, sometimes allowing the animal time to speak creates its own shifts within a situation.

In person sessions, at the client’s house, are available upon request. Home must be a quiet/meditative environment.

Animal Communication
Animal Communication
Animal Communicator
Testimonials. Whoop! Whoop!

I met Jill a little over a year and a half ago. When I found out that Jill can communicate with animals, I thought it was worth a try to have her read my then 3 year old tabby, Milo, as he didn’t like to purr and was just acting weird.

After our first session, she opened my eyes to the gift she has with animals and her reading helped me with Milo’s issues. I had Jill back into our home almost a year ago when we brought home a puppy and Milo started acting up again. She was able to communicate with both our puppy and cat to determine what was going on between the two of them. She even picked up on a past life connection that I have with our puppy (which was one of the factors of me bringing the puppy home). She was able to offer insight for both animals with the guidance of their spiritual guides and was able to answer all my questions regarding the two animals.

In recent weeks, I started having more behavioral issues with Milo and my first thought was to book another session with Jill to gain more insight as to what was going on. After my over the phone session with her today – I am more blown away than ever! Not only was she able to pick up on the previous health issues that my cat faced back in January 2020 (which was treated by a vet), but she was able to pick up on a few other issues that were happening around our house that Milo needed to tell me. Through our session today, she was accurate on some many things that my jaw hit the floor. With her insight again, I have been able to pinpoint what is going on with Milo and how to ensure that he is his healthy happy self going forward.

I know that Jill will be my forever-go-to when I have something happening with my fur babies that needs further exploration. Jill is completely amazing with the gift she has and is worth every minute of the session.

Laura G.

Both cats were so happy after the session!! Dash was calm and purring loud, and Bellam raced around for a bit. They seemed to have the situation figured out today. They both picked their times to go outside during the day, and are now calm, happy, and safe inside.


You are truly amazing!! 🙂


“Hi Jill,

Thank you for today. It was lovely in so many ways. I know that my dog can speak her mind as to what she wants. Doesn’t surprise me.

It was so wonderful to see you in your own professional element. You created a safe container and had such delight in providing the information from my spiritual guides. And I learned some valuable things for my journey. I keep recalling some of the words from my guides.

You have such a gift and I’m grateful to have benefited from your gift.”


“Just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how grateful I am to have connected with you. You truly have a special gift, and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone doing what they are most passionate about. Not only is it seem, but you can feel it. Have a great Thursday Jill!”


“Jill is a talented intuitive and animal psychic. She came to my house and worked with my two yorkshire terriers and myself. Over the course of an hour she was able to communicate with both of my fur-children and give me valuable insight into their psyches. Her messages gave me an understanding of how my dogs view the world and strengthened my connection to them even after the session was over. Jill was professional and the session was incredibly enjoyable and I can’t wait to work with her again!”


“Thank you for the amazing session the other day. I wanted to follow up with you about the changes I have noticed with Chloe, she has been accident free and more focused while we are training. I have also been using the technique you taught me to work with Carlie on her jumping and I have been “connecting”  with her to keep her feet on the ground when company comes over. I have seen vast improvements in her. The biggest change of all the animals is with Coco, she is interacting more with both dogs and wanting to be in the same room.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me understand the needs of my pets and to communicate with them for me.

Currently, I’m NOT teaching classes.

There are people who naturally communicate intuitively. This may be you! If not, then you can learn!

There are good teachers out there, helping students genuinely re-connect with their own intuition. Set your intention to find the right teacher, and use your gut instinct to feel who’s best for you.


Jill Flathmann

403 988 3213

*In person sessions, at the client’s home, are available upon request. Must be quiet/meditative house.

*Emergency sessions still need appointments booked. Due to scheduling, it may not be possible to have same day sessions. I’ll contact you as soon as I can!


In Person


Calgary, Cochrane

(Hourly Rate + $10 Travel Fee)



Rest Assured, Still a Beautiful Connection with Your Pet Friend!


Please, within 10 Km of Calgary! Otherwise: Tele/Video

….but Tele is the Same Beautiful Connection With Your Pet Friend!


It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I started communicating with animals, learning how to understand the thoughts and feelings they wish to convey to us. I’ve since practiced these skills with domestic and wild animals.

My interest in the spiritual arts began while looking for work, in addition to my career as a heavy-duty mechanic. Intrigued by Reiki, I signed up for the first level of an Usui Reiki class.

Following this, I completed Shoden and Okuden levels for Jikiden Reiki in 2011. Then, successfully completed Level 2, and finally in 2013, Level 3 Usui Reiki.

The hunger for knowledge continued to flourish, and an experienced medium introduced me to intuitive communication with Angels –  nonjudgmental workers of pure, unconditional love. I wanted to connect with Angels on my own so I wouldn’t have to pay somebody money every time I had a question, and I had many!

After a few years practicing intuitive Angel connections with the help of a few teachers, I successfully completed the AEP (Angel Empowerment Practitioner) course taught by Cindy Smith in 2016.

It sounds as if it was easy for me to chat with Angels, but the truth was I had MUCH fear when starting this work. My belief is that intuitive communication is an innate ability for humans. Nonetheless, I spent years reopening my intuitive senses.

To help me feel more comfortable reopening to Spirit, it was suggested that I communicate with animals because their energies are so loving.

I met Heather Faris, an Animal Communication teacher, who taught how to connect with the animals in a very simple, yet grounded way.  I successfully completed her class in 2013, but felt drawn to retake it about one year later. Though I had practiced tuning into various animals (e.g., a bear, birds, dogs, cats, horses, etc.) in between the classes, I felt that retaking the class would help further hone my abilities.

While practicing intuitive communication for friends and family, the opportunity presented itself to be a professional Animal Communicator with the public in November 2015. People with such heartfelt concerns for their fur friends asked if I could tune into their pets. They asked behavior questions, wanted to know if their animals were in pain, ready to pass on, if they were happy, healthy, and if they know they are loved. So I worked with animals, relaying communication between pet and person, and help from Spirit when guided for each client.

My purpose is to connect people with their pets through Animal Communication, receive help from Spirit Guides during a session when requested, and reinstate intuitive communication between humans and animals.

Animal Communication


How would your life be different if you could hear the world around you?

 At first I was scared of what I might hear (I still am at times).

 There is wisdom, love, and humor in animals. Some of the most profound lessons I’ve learned were because of an animal.

 I believe we share the planet with them.

How much better would all of us be if we could listen to our friends beside us?

How much better would animals lives become if they knew we heard them?
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